Courses on demand

As a company you have your own needs and requirements regarding training and your goal will be to go beyond compliance. We make sure you reach these aspirations by developing tailor-made training programs. We customize all aspects of your training: content, number of participants, location, timing … Together we will come up with a game plan that suits your needs perfectly.

We have organized dedicated courses such as on-board ice navigation, rigging, enclosed spaces and LNG bunkering, and we developed an on-site HUET training including helicopter simulation equipment designed by BIM.

Crew management from a safety and efficiency perspective is just one of our focus points.
We bring our experts where you need them: leadership training for Technical Superintendent, development of company specific training, facilitation of third-party training, consultancy and assistance at your office or on board … We can make it work.

Don’t hesitate to contact our training team for all your special inquiries.