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Belgian Maritime Inspection (BMI) – Modified requirements concerning STCW A-II/5 – Able Seafarer Deck – 18 months sea time acceptable.

Considering the increasing demand of STCW A-II/5 certification, the conditions to obtain a COP (Certificate of Proficiency) issued by the Belgian government have been modified and are now as follows: The sailor holds a COP A–II/4 The sailor holds a valid BST training certificate The sailor holds a valid PSCRB (A-VI/2.1) training certificate The sailor […]

BIM Training in Mozambique

BIM organized its first BST training (STCW  VI/1) in collaboration with our local partner In Site. The training was carried out under the recognition of the Mozambican and Belgian Maritime Authority. In addition to this training, the trainees had the opportunity to follow a STCW II/4 – training (Rating forming part of a Navigational Watch) […]

Refresher Courses – Modified admission requirements during COVID period

Since BIM provides trainings under the recognition of the Belgian Maritime Administration, the following extract of Circular 2020/002 as revised March 31st 2021 issued by the Federal Public Service –  Mobility and Transport, applies to those whose training certificates subject to refresher requirements expired or are to expire soon. This concern the following courses:   […]

The global sulphur cap

In 2020 the global 0.50% sulphur cap IMO regulation has come into effect in a bid to reduce ships’ air emissions. Many ship owners are already preparing for this new regulation by converting their ships to allow the use of alternative fuels such as LNG. Since 2017, BIM has organized regular STCW compliant training sessions […]