Belgian Maritime Inspection (BMI) – Modified requirements concerning STCW A-II/5 – Able Seafarer Deck – 18 months sea time acceptable.

Considering the increasing demand of STCW A-II/5 certification, the conditions to obtain a COP (Certificate of Proficiency) issued by the Belgian government have been modified and are now as follows:

  • The sailor holds a COP A–II/4
  • The sailor holds a valid BST training certificate
  • The sailor holds a valid PSCRB (A-VI/2.1) training certificate
  • The sailor holds a valid passport
  • The sailors holds a valid medical fitness certificate
  • The sailor has followed a specialized A II/5 training with a recognized training facility
  • The sailor demonstrate 18 months sailing time as A II/4 sailor after having followed the A II/5 recognized training


All documents presented to the administration will be issued by recognized facilities (Training certificates and Medical fitness) and sea time shall be recorded on a form issued by BMI.

The possibility to achieve certification by presenting an ISF “Rating training Book” is still in force. The required sailing time will then be reduced with 6 months. The training book will be verified by the training facility and validated with an additional training certificate after having successfully  passed an oral assessment.


In addition, to be admitted to a recognized Able Seafarer training, the following prerequisite will apply:


  • Hold a valid STCW A-II/4 COP (Certificate of Proficiency)
  • Hold a valid PSCRB (A-VI/2.1) training certificate or COP