Refresher Courses – Modified admission requirements during COVID period

Since BIM provides trainings under the recognition of the Belgian Maritime Administration, the following extract of Circular 2020/002 as revised March 31st 2021 issued by the Federal Public Service –  Mobility and Transport, applies to those whose training certificates subject to refresher requirements expired or are to expire soon. This concern the following courses:


  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary Fire Fighting
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than FRB)
  • Medical care
  • Fast Rescue Boats


One of the requirements to have access to a Belgian recognized refresher course for STCW training is a valid training certificate for the course requested. The Belgian Maritime Administration is aware that due to Covid-19 measures it is difficult to follow these refresher courses on time. Therefore, the Belgian Maritime Administration will allow a seafarer to attend a Belgian recognized refresher course with a Belgian recognized maritime training provider until 31 December 2021 if the required training certificate has expired less than one year.



Important Note concerning the BST refresher:

The administration requires that seafarers not qualifying for a BST  Refresher course (Expired Certificate) should pass again the complete 5 days training.