Emergency Breathing System (EBS) included in our BOSIET-HUET training course

We are constantly on the lookout for improvements of our courses. In this respect, our HUET course includes, as from now on, training in Compressed Air-Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) equipment visit.

For this particular module, we use the Survitec MK50 SENTINEL Lifejacket. This lifejacket is the standard in helicopter passenger lifejackets and compliant with the CAA-UK / EASA / ETSO requirements.

The EBS training is led by a diving instructor and includes the following topics:

  • Presentation of the lifejacket and its components
  • Functioning of the jacket, an online quote, buoyancy
  • Safety regulations and hazards associated with breathing compressed air under water
  • Practice of pre-use security checks and donning of the jacket
  • Practice of opening the tank and using BailCo LCC and the gauge
  • Practice of underwater breathing techniques
  • Exhaling before entering the water and impact on buoyancy
  • Underwater exercises with obstacles